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‘Anatomy of a Voyage’ Project


– A Systematic Approach to Data Collection

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Need for a Systematic Approach:

The process of quizzing participants with the aim of extracting data that is both interesting and useable is not as simple as often perceived. It can easily produce a mass of information that is difficult to evaluate and hard to put to good use.

Participants may freely talk of their recollections of times past, however unless prompted by the right triggers they will not probe and explore the full potential hidden away in their stored memory cells. Simply we need to put the right questions to release the right answers.

Choosing which questions to ask can be helped by first defining project objectives. Equally we need to develop a uniform system of storing the information we gather so that it can be easily accessed and researched. In other words we need to develop a systematic approach that suits our particular project needs.

Information gathered from participating members of the Fourah Bay Association will be indexed and stored for future evaluation using the ‘THE ANATOMY OF A VOYAGE’ model to define its project objectives. The gathered archive will be made readily available to Liverpool John Moores University and the EDL Heritage Archive Project. It will provide a reliable insight into how our ships were operated.

Whilst working in close co-operation with Prof. Nick White and Liverpool John Moore’s University on gathering data for the perceived ‘grand’ EDL Heritage Archive and Website project, it is necessary that priorities also support the current Heritage Lottery funded ‘Pilot’ project and the recorded interview techniques that the University will engage. The successful completion of the HLF Pilot Project hopefully will open the route to financing for the original planned expanded EDL Heritage Archive project.

Stephen R. New MA

Maritime Historian & ex Ergonomist

November 2015