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This page is yet to be completed; however please check out the following relevant film clips. They include footage of my pre-sea school filmed five years before I went there. Several EDL deck officers had also been to that same school. The only difference is that in my era the school had changed its uniform from ‘Square Rig’ to Battledress. (see attached photo of me in 1957) In the summer of 1962 the school arranged for me to sail on the Norwegian square rigger 'Sorlandet'

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I also attended the Sea Cadet Corp 'Raven's Ait' training base. In fact I lived close by and was part of the standing ship's company, spending  most of my weekends on the island. I later became a member of the sailing club shown in the film opposite the island.

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I've included these links just to give you a feeling why the shipping companies had a preference for choosing apprentices that had pre-sea training. The modern deck officer may have their qualifications, but sadly may be lacking in the traditional seamanship expertise of their predecessors. They may not need many of those skills on today's ships, however they will have missed out on character building aspects afforded to those that were apprenticed in the 'Golden Age of Shipping’ and before.

S.R. New LNS 1957

S.R. New LNS 1960

Training Ship ‘Sorlandet’ 1962

Epson & Mitcham SCC Units1960


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